Since 2009, Tanzania Center has been working with Dr. Peter Feleshi, Chairman of ANAMED in Tanzania. The abbreviation ANAMED stands for 'Action Natural Medicine'.


The objective of ANAMED International is to enable people who live under the simplest conditions to maintain and improve their health through the growing medicinal plants.

This allows families, communities and health centers, even entire regions, to become more independent of imported, expensive products / medicines.

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Dr. Peter Feleshi is chairman of 'Anamed Tanzania' and offers training all over the country. In Malya, 80 km from Mwanza on Lake Victoria, he runs a clinic in which he works mostly with natural remedies but also conventional medicine.


So far, Tanzania Center supported projects were:

  • Completion of the Health and Training Center Dr. Feleshi in Mwanza
  • Anamed training, supervision and follow-up in Dar es Salaam, Lushoto, Basotu, Arusha, Malya, Karatu, Simanjiro, Mwanza, Mafinga, Babati, Shinyanga, Musoma and Geita
  • Seminar for 50 HIV pos. People in Malya / Kwimba
  • Seminar for 30 people with albinism in Shinyanga
  • Seminar for teachers and staff of the Engilang'et school / Arusha
  • Seminar for traditional healers in Bujora
  • TOT (Trainers Training) in Babati
  • Support for Anamed activities, e.g. mobile clinic, treatment of patients abandoned by school medicine, etc.
  • Invitation to Dr. Feleshi / Chairman Anamed TZ to Austria

Current projects

  • More trainers' training (TOT) to multiply education 
  • Promoting further seminars, especially for people affected by HIV / AIDS and people with albinism.
  • Further support of the activities of Dr. Feleshi, who works tirelessly for very poor and sick people in the country and can not expect any payment from the patients. content is not displayed due to your current cookie settings. Click on the cookie policy (functional and marketing) to agree to the cookie policy and view the content. You can find out more about this in the privacy policy.

Dr. peter feleshi

Dr. Peter Feleshi, born in 1959, is a trained physician and has worked tirelessly in the healthcare sector for many years. Specializing in natural medicine is his passion. He lives between Mwanza and Malya and travels the whole country professionally.